UN rights office condemns violence in Hong Kong

UN rights office condemns violence in Hong Kong
UN rights office condemns violence in Hong Kong

A spokesperson for the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) expressed concernTuesday over the ongoing situation in Hong Kong.

The statement urges protesters to ‘express their views in a peaceful way…and to engage in an open dialogue with the authorities to seek to resolve the issues.’

The statement also calls on authorities and law enforcement to act with restraint as there have been several “credible instances” of authorities acting in ways that are “prohibited by international standards.” These instances include the firing of tear-gas canisters, which have been used to target individuals and protesters in crowded spaces, creating a serious risk of injury or death.

The OHCHR is pushing for the authorities in Hong Kong to respect and protect the rights of protesters and to ensure that the response by law enforcement is within international standards on the use of force. Further, the OHCHR is encouraging a peaceful resolution to the situation, where the grievances of the people of Hong Kong are heard.

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