Is Uber safe?


Uber claims to be a safe alternative route to get home but various women came forward and shared their stories.

Since the company launched thousands of female passengers have endured unlawful conduct by their Uber drivers. Including rape, sexual assault, physical violence, and gender motivated harassment.

The two female plaintiffs are claiming that they were sexually assaulted by their Uber drivers. Leaving women vulnerable due to inadequate background checks on their drivers.

Victim Number 1 

“He took me upstairs and threw me over his shoulder because I couldn’t walk. My life is a mess. I can’t concentrate and I get anxiety’

Uber driver Nimer Abdallah admitted assaulting her. His case is currently pending in a Criminal Court in Miami.

Victim Number 2 

She took a ride  in Los Angeles.

“I was at the backseat and when I woke up he was at the backseat. I know I was assaulted.”

She proposed a class action lawsuit called to tighten their background checks on their drivers worldwide. Read more about this case on

Tweets from different users about their experiences 

These are just some examples and there must be many untold stories around the world. I would request each and every person to share their story. Each story counts. Every person is important to us. By sharing your stories you can save someone from experiencing such acts. These uber drivers attack vulnerable people. We as a community should create awareness on this topic and bring an end to this.

Hope to see a world that is safe and where people support each other and not harm them.

Editors request 

Comment below your experience and stories to help others like you. Your stories might save someone and make them more cautious. Each story matters and is important to us as a human community.



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