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Lawyerist Insider claims that it is a community of solo and small firm lawyers building modern, future-oriented law practices. It is full of checklists, templates, and other resources to help a lawyer grow. 

Lawyerist’s core focus is to build the tribe of small-firm lawyers who are building sustainable law practices for the next 20 years and beyond. Firms in the Lawyerist tribe are built around client-centric services, future-oriented technology, profit-oriented business models.

They allow you to learn from their Podcasts, resources and small firm scorecard. The Lawyerist Podcast features successful lawyers and other creatives helping to shape the future of law practice. They have a really good lists of Podcasts that can motivate any legal member to excel in their field. The website has thousands of posts, pages, resources, reviews, downloads, and comments that will help a lawyer build their future-focused law firm. The Small Firm Scorecard are guided self-assessment tools designed to help small firms and solo lawyers to check their strengths and weaknesses and explore goals, strategy, systems, marketing, client service model, finances, and people. It helps all the lawyers in trying to find  better ways to solve legal problems for their clients.

They have a special space named as ‘Lawyerist Lab’ The program includes business coaching and strategy sessions, guided projects, intimate and hand-picked mastermind groups, video and audio training, a vibrant community, weekly workshops, and other tools designed to help lawyers build the law business they have always envisioned. If you look at their reviews, they usually have 4/5 stars. People who have used this in the past are pretty happy about their experience.

They have about 54 videos on their site(connected to Youtube) named as Lawyerist lens. They cover topics like ‘social media for lawyers, how to choose law practice management software, design thinking for lawyers, computational law, file backup for small Law firms, How to secure your clients Information and many more interesting topics that will make your practice effective and way more interesting. 

They have blog posts to help your legal business grow. All the posts provide you with innovative ideas like ‘Learn how document automation can take your firm to the next level’, ‘litify offers a highly customisable, intuitive, and powerful law practice management platform’, ‘law Firm teamwork Illuminated by a lesson from thomas Edison’, ‘why storytelling is a powerful marketing weapon for lawyers’, ‘draft legal documents in Just a few Clicks with lawyawand’ and many more interesting plus helpful blog posts that lawyers should adapt in their practice as a tool. 

Lawyerist Small Firm Scorecard allows small and solo law firms to discover strengths, as well as how they can grow and improve.The Small Firm Scorecard is a guided self-assessment designed to help small firms assess their strengths and weaknesses in order to determine whether their firm is positioned for success in the future. provides all types of softwares for their users, softwares like Timekeeping and billing software, Law Practice management Software, Virtual receptionist for Law firms and many more if you visit the website. is the largest online community of small firm lawyers. It allows you to learn, join and grow. Learning is free, you have to pay them to join their ‘Tribe’ and by joining it will automatically allow you to grow into a successful law firm. 

It encourages people to enhance their law business and lawyers to work harder. They provide the best learning material a lawyer can get in the comfort of your own home. They allow lawyers to build a future centric law firm and to foster culture in your law firms. They take your firm or practice to a successful direction by teaching you core values and marketing strategies.They are lawyers who are trying to figure out a better way to solve legal problems for clients and to make others better at their legal practice. is taking law to a new direction, bringing in new ideas and functions to improve practice for lawyers. They are trying to make legal profession interesting with innovative ideas and out of the box strategies. 

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