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OneWill is a leading estate planning website whose mission is to make estate planning law accessible and straightforward. This website provides users with complete knowledge about online will and estate planning with the aim of making legal help accessible to average people across the country.

Planning for your future is an essential part of life despite your age and income level. Other than deciding how you want your affairs to be handled after your death, you also want to make sure that your own needs are also met throughout your entire life. You always need someone who can provide you with legal guidance about how to plan the legacy you want to leave behind. This is why estate planning is an important aspect of legal matters and OneWill makes it easier for you with the evolution of technology. You can deal with all these matters with just one click.

OneWill has a library which provides guidance to all the non-lawyers as it has all the books available relevant to estate planning, documents and much more. You can easily search for any topic related to estate planning and get information about it.

OneWill also aims at managing and improving client engagement through this platform. If you’re doing it manually, then captivating clients is hard. In order to draw attention of its clients, OneWill has also launched a fully automated app that is convenient for the clients. It has made estate planning and will-planning even more manageable for the clients. OneWill has made itself readily available on the web and all mobile devices which allows you to keep your estate planning private and you can update it with a palm of your hand.

Moreover, unlike traditional state planning solutions, OneWill offers you the ability to include your social media profiles and other digital assets to the list. It can also record video and audio messages for you on the app for your loved ones so that those messages can be delivered to them on a special day.

OneWill app is modern and flexible for all the users as it:

  • Translates the gestures of the client into legal text with the option to share your wishes with family and friends.
  • Safeguards the privacy of clients and the information is only stored for the client itself.

OneWill is a simple solution for tackling all your estate planning needs in an affordable manner and easy to use familiar interface so checkout OneWill now!


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