How to Protect Your Intellectual Property


There are many different forms of intellectual property protection, but the vast majority fall into three categories: copyright, patents and trademarks.


  • Copyright gives you the right to exclude others from copying your works. The code that you write, like any written work, is your intellectual property. You can prevent others from making copies without your protection.
  • Your copyright to your code exists the second you type the text. If someone hacks your email and steals it off your shared drive then (in addition to other criminal behavior) they have infringed your copyright


  • A patent gives you the right to exclude others from making, selling or otherwise using your invention. Patents provide the most specific and enforceable intellectual property rights but they also come at great expense.
  • Patent protection exists for new processes, machines, materials or combinations.
  • You have to prove to a patent examiner that your invention is completely novel, that no one has ever had the exact same idea.


A trademark is a word, phrase or picture that identifies the source of your goods. Just as authors are allowed to exclude others from their works, businesses are allowed to exclude others from using their trademarks. Daisy Chain for navigation software is your trademark so protect it.

Protect your intellectual property by..

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