Dissolving a Marriage Through Mediation: An Alternative to Divorce Litigation

Divorce, Divorce Litigation, Preparing for Divorce
Divorce, Divorce Litigation, Preparing for Divorce

Couples deciding to dissolve their marriage for good have the option to do it out-of-court. While the case is suspended from litigation, they can engage in a process that is quicker, more affordable, and non-confrontational.

With the help of arbitration and mediation services, you and your spouse can go your separate ways amicably and take part in creating the settlement you both need to comply with.

Negotiating your own terms

Divorce litigation removes from you the power to argue and negotiate, whereas mediation allows you to sit down and make decisions as sensible people do. You can discuss important topics in a non-formal setup. You can put your head down and discuss the details of child custody, child support, and shared parenting responsibilities.

The property division need not take months to decide in court. With the help of a capable mediator, you can go through the divorce without bringing the case to court. Of course, the settlement produced is still a document that is legally binding.

Choosing mediation with an attorney

The presence of a mediator facilitates discussion between couples who are still emotional and may have conflicting interests. Without a third party, these couples might have difficulty finding common ground and maintaining objectivity. Preferably, the mediator has experience with divorce and family law. You might need personalized legal assistance during the discussion, especially in matters that require strategy or tact.

Making the necessary arrangements

The difference in opinion can be difficult to resolve, especially when emotions are high. Through mediation, both parties can agree on the necessary aspects of the separation quickly. Because of mediation, many couples maintain contact after the divorce and manage to perform parenting tasks cooperatively.

If both parties do not reach an agreement on important issues during mediation, the court will resume the case. It is your choice if you want to make the divorce proceedings peaceful, swift, and child-focused. You can choose mediation – the cost-effective and non-confrontational option.

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