We are well positioned to tell your story to key decision makers and to advocate zealously on your behalf. Our multiple practice areas cover all aspects of communications law, which gives us an unmatched ability to handle complex and intersecting legal requirements cost-effectively. We strive to solve problems creatively, using innovative solutions when existing methods won’t do, and always with a personal touch. These qualities are why Attornist stands out as one of the most recognized and well-regarded law firms in the field.

The communications industry is marked by constant and sometimes disruptive change. New technologies and regulations create a business environment that can be challenging to navigate. Leading companies and institutions rely on the attorneys at Attornist to guide them through this shifting landscape and to represent them before the FCC, Congress, federal courts, and federal and state regulatory agencies.

Our clients include companies and institutions of all sizes in the media, wireless, broadband, satellite, and utilities infrastructure industries. Our core expertise is helping our clients understand, comply with, and advocate for changes in communications policies and regulations. We also help our clients in related operational areas including transactions, intellectual property, and privacy and data security. We are experts at explaining the legal requirements affecting our clients’ businesses — and advising clients on the best ways to use those requirements to their advantage.

Whatever your legal needs may be — structuring a transaction to comply with FCC ownership regulations, establishing a wireless communications network, launching a satellite into geostationary orbit, handling enforcement issues, or simply keeping current on the latest changes in communications laws and regulations — the highly skilled attorneys at Attornist stand ready to meet your needs.

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