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Shares Review aims to amplify their users’ experience across their award-winning National and Regional brands, providing readers with a more complete and expansive view into the breaking news, data, analysis and peer guidance that matters to them most. delivers unmatched insights and resources that allow professionals to anticipate opportunities, adapt to change and prepare for future success. is owned and operated by ALM, LLC. ALM, an information and intelligence company, provides customers with critical news, data, analysis, marketing solutions and events to successfully manage the business of business.

This website would appeal to any lawyer/law student around the world, in the way that it is very simply done, and everything is very easy to find. The information that they want to convey is presented in the simplest way possible. Customers can easily navigate their way through the space. People with no technical background would definitely appreciate the simplicity and ease of navigation in this site. 

The layout is perfectly aligned. All the headers on the website are extremely helpful for a person who belongs to the legal fraternity. It covers different facets from legal publications to legal advice. It also provides us with a list of top law firms in the world and their ranking. The community header has an impressive list of groups, members and institutions ranging from “Women in Influence”, “Global leaders in Law” and top Law Schools.

The site is a useful tool for lawyers/law students who want to keep themselves updated with legal news all around the world. They have Publications from The American Lawyer, National Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, New York Law Journal, The Legal Intelligencer, The Recorder and Daily Business Review. Similarly, they have a list of Law topics that helps you keep a track of new laws or any changes in the laws. Basically it’s a one-stop site for any legal member and would help them immensely with research and discovery. 

They provide you with a legal dictionary, where you can search any legal term/phrase and they will provide you with a legal definition. You can apply for law jobs as well through this platform, they have for that. Further you can use this space as a networking tool as it allows you to apply for a membership for all the communities and groups they have. 

The most impressive space they have is the “Verdict Search” where they provide you with new and noteworthy verdicts and settlements. You can even submit a verdict if you are a user of does have some cons. It is a bit slow, fast load time is always a great factor for any website because it saves time. There are a few glitches and the ad pop ups is frustrating for a user. The design is very consistent but there are a lot of graphics and that is why the load time is slow. Keeping in mind the various advantages, these cons won’t really matter because it does not affect the average person experience. The pros easily trump the cons. In this day and age every other site is full of ad pop ups even sites like You tube, Linkedin, Facebook and Yahoo etc..

Other than that the contents of the pages flows nicely, and is very well written. I can tell that a lot of hard work and heart has gone into the creation of this site. is informative and helpful for legal growth. It provides you with a list of legal firms, Law schools, legal news, publications and even Judgements. These things are extremely important for a lawyer to know as it enhances your legal knowledge and worldly knowledge. If you register yourselves that would be great because then you will be notified with every update, news and trending stories. Hence it will make you well aware and well read. A lawyer should always be aware of what is happening around the globe and is definitely that space which can help a young lawyer or even an experienced lawyer to keep themselves up to date with the recent developments.


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