The Oregon Supreme Court upheld the limits of campaign participation

The Oregon Supreme Court upheld the limits of campaign participation
The Oregon Supreme Court upheld the limits of campaign participation

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Thursday that campaign limitations do not violate Article I, or Article 8 of the Oregon Constitution.

Chief Justice Martha Walters considered three sections of the Multana County Code (.2 5.200-03). These sections outline campaign participation limits, free-spending limits, and disclosure rules.

First, Walters explained that the limits of campaign participation, in his face, do not violate Article 8, Section 8 of the Oregon Constitution. In 2016 Multanham County for individual contributions. Set a limit of 500. Walters has decided that campaign participation is not a form of expression under the Oregon Constitution. However, Walters did not make such a commitment under the US Constitution. Walters said:

The example of the controlling Supreme Court makes it difficult to decide whether the limits of the county’s partnership violate the First Amendment without further action in the trial court.

Second, Walters found that restrictions on free-spending were unconstitutional in both Oregon and the United States. Expenditure Limits Set a limit on the amount an independent person or organization can spend on communications in support of a candidate. Walters said the current Oregon and Supreme Court precedents show that spending limits violate the First Amendment. Multani County acknowledges that Oregon’s Supreme Court is not an appropriate forum for challenging the handling of federal cases.

Third, Walters made no commitment to the principles of the disclosure. Walters explained, “[d] Because of this action, the county amended the disclosure provisions of its ordinance, and the decision to ratify the previous provisions will have no practical effect.”

Overall, Walters remanded the case to the circuit court for further action.

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