London firm requests the arrest of UAE officials in connection with Yemen war crimes


London-based law firm Stoke White submitted evidence to the US, the UK and Turkey on Wednesday requesting the arrest of Mohammed Dahlan. Dahlan is “the key advisor to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan” of the United Arab Emirates, according to Stoke White’s media brief.

The brief presents an overview of the evidence submitted to the three countries by Stoke White, and relies heavily on a BuzzFeed news article. The brief explains that Abdullah Suliman Abdullah Daubalah and Salah Muslem Salem—on whose behalf the complaints were filed—were targeted for assassination in Yemen by Yemeni and UAE officials and hired mercenaries. The assassinations were allegedly in retaliation for the men’s connections to the Yemeni Al-Islah political party which opposes the UAE government. “The complaint includes evidence of arbitrary detention, abuse and torture of individuals with perceived opposing political beliefs which were carried out in secret UAE run prisons in Yemen.”

Stoke White has requested the arrests under the principle of universal jurisdiction, which it says grants the UK “jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute grave breaches as set out in the Geneva Conventions Act of 1957.”

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