The Facebook Filed a lawsuit against imposter


Facebook initiates a legal proceeding against those companies who used ads in order to trick the users to steal the data from the user, The CEO of Facebook recently said: that the protection of user privacy is a great concern to us, we will not take this lightly.

“We are in the era of digitalization and in order to protect the right of privacy as per according to the constitution of America it is the most sophisticated matter”

The fake ads running by the companies in order to take advantage of the personal means or interest will be punished according to the law of the USA. 

The misuse of technology and social media would be a challenge for the judiciary, Tech laws should be more strict and deterrence in nature so people from all over the world would abide by the tech laws.

Facebook is the largest platform to connect with the people, it has over 3 billion users, the misuse of ads by companies will be brought injustice and violation of rights over social media.

Implemented tech laws are still in the procedure of amendments in the mean of customs, precedents and case laws, it is the jury who decide to what law there should be to stop this violation.

“The defendants deceived people into installing malware available on the internet. This malware then enabled the defendants to compromise people’s Facebook accounts and run deceptive ads promoting items such as counterfeit goods and diet pills.”

The case is now pending in the court, but when the judgment would be given in the favor of Facebook, there would be many other litigants willing to proceed their cases against the companies, this will become the case reference and an open gate to proceed against those companies who are trying fraud the people or steal their information.

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