Mario Knew the Organisations, Signs and Co-conspirator Panama Papers




The concept of politics in Pakistan is roughly based on democratic values, things were the same as it was before in the Nawaz, Zardari, and Musharraf era. But there are more concerns matter which were pre-set plans like panama leaks.


Is it an Organised Plan, Conspiracy?

There are many elements to explain in a better way to describe the state and the rule of law, Sharif family off-shore accounts and their properties is not the concern, what concerns the most that how did they open their off-shore accounts in Panama, who supported them and on what terms and conditions, and why a panama leaks, As said: there is always another person/sign behind the conspiracy.


They could be bullied or blackmailed, but they didn’t come to an agreement, and why the chosen one, the journalists who leaked this information who were they actually, how do they know it, the answers are still hidden.


Who is co-conspirer:

Is it a person/Organisation/State or sign to help them, I am speaking for the interest of Pakistan, but who cares, when it comes to their personal interest they will harm in anyway and by all means, I want to simply ask a question who is Mario in panama, and what sign and organization he is running for, how many political personalities under his influence, I am shocked to know for not raising a point on this important matter, did someone ask who was the co-conspirator who maintained the off-shore accounts for political personalities, where is all the money hidden, did they buried or funded for illegal purpose.


If we see from the dark side it’s a sea of looted and laundered money. What signs and organizations are attached to it, Mario definately knew it.

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