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Interview with Zeshan Sarwar Alias Zeshan S. Ghumman 

Zeshan S. Ghumman is an inspirational Tech enthusiast and a lawyer in Pakistan, who has been writing the articles regarding legal technology, Criminal justice and Constitutional Rights of Pakistan.  he has been considered to be the top-notch and youngest entrepreneur lawyer in Pakistan, He had his law degree from the well-recognized and reputed intuition from (The College of Law). After his LL. B honors, he persuaded for the study of M.A Political Science, he was inspired by the founder of Pakistan (known by Late Mr. Jinnah)

His moral personality has represented the other young lawyers of Pakistan who has been facing difficulties in the profession of law, thereby so in regards to his community, he started the legal Tech-Innovation company and the NGO with the name of TechAbout Pvt Ltd with his brother for the learning reason of fresh graduates.

 When it comes to generosity, he started out the General Public youth of Pakistan in which many poor persons were served, he donates money to the people who are deserving in a very well manner like buying clothes, food for hungry people and books for children’s who wish to study in the schools and colleges. 

He Quoted:

One’s doesn’t know the direction unless you give them.

The decline in a recession is always a problem in Pakistan, so he decided to earn money from freelancing platform to serve the needy people, Most of the people even from the lawyer’s community are surprised to know his generous personality.

 Asking about Politics, he says, I serve better this way instead of having diplomatic ways.

Now, he is a human right, civil and criminal practicing lawyer who has the largest law firm in Saf Center 8-Fane Road Lahore, He is willing to help those lawyers who want to be competent. 

His Comment: Having a Law Degree doesn’t make you a competent lawyer unless you practice and analyze the law to the deepest. He also suggests that junior should learn by their own way but not just by senior, A senior could just help their associates to the level of limit, A competent lawyer must be the wisest individual and willingly. Pakistan is off-limits to the new trend of the law’s especially in the judiciary, however, there are small reforms coming but it will take enough time, and to the longest possibility of chance.

If you have a case or legal inquiries, you can get in touch with him on his freelance profile or help him to get the poor out of miseries

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