Most Dangerous Criminals of UAE


The crime rate in UAE (United Arab Emirates) is relatively low compared to more highly industrialized nations. Crime generally is not a problem for travelers in UAE.

The two countries have signed an extradition treaty. The UAE has handed over several criminals arrested in the UAE to the Indian authorities, in the past few years, Dhahi Khalfan said

Madhav Patel 49, is wanted by the UAE for allegedy duping 30 banks in the country during his stay in Dubai spanning 20 years. He operated three trading companies and his business interest through Asia and Europe.  

Dhahi Khalfan said the affected banks had submitted necessary documents and copies of judicial ruling against the absconder to press for legal action against the fugitive. Patel had fled the country with over Dh 1.2 billion of credit fraud. 

The fraud was discovered in May 1999 when one of Patel’s company dealing in metal trading ran into financial difficulties. Initially, he played down the problems affecting his operation, and announced that a rescue plan was being worked out.

However Patel later fled the UAE for London in the same year (1999). Some Middle East banks had extended credit to his trading businesses.

According to reports, Patel was arrested in Mumbai sometime in January 2007. During his interrogation, he reportedly revealed the address of his absconding father another accused in the same fraud case.

Subsequently, the CBI arrested his father in New Delhi. Both were produced before a Mumbai court which granted them in jail.

Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje (born 5 December 1959), popularly known by his moniker Chhota Rajan, is an Indian criminal and mobster who served as the boss of a major crime syndicate based in Mumbai. He is currently serving a life sentence at Taloja Jail in Navi Mumbai. He was on wanted list in UAE too, on charges on shooting on an Indian group in UAE 

Pink Panther gang was accused of being involved in a heist on a store in Wafi Mall. Pink Panther gang, which was involved in AED55m ($15m) robbery at Wafi mall in Dubai in 2007, have been arrested by police. 

Police said the four Serbian suspect had been involved in around 30 jewelry shop burglaries in Greece, the Athens News Agency reported.

The Dubai Wafi Mall robbery was a key driver in the creation of Interpol’s Project Pink Panthers in 2007 to coordinate global activities after DNA profiles sent by the UAE from the Dubai were matched against others submitted to the Interpol General Secretariat from a robbery in Lichtenstein in 2006, revealing that the armed robbery ring was active not in just Europe, but around the world.

The main objective of Project Pink Panthers is to centralize information related to the suspects of such crimes, identifying material, the crimes in which they are involved in, and their criminal partnership and contacts. The group is believed to include approximately 800 individuals responsible for nearly 300 robberies in 35 countries since 1999, with the value of stolen jewelry estimated more at more than $485m. 

One of the suspect Ilincic Borko was arrested in this case and has been found dead in his cell. Borko was a 34 years old Serbian was appealing against a 10 year jail sentence.

Njadit Papadi Sissoko of Mali accused of obtaining large sums of money through swindling and fraud and transferring out of the country approximately Dirham 1 Billion from Dubai Islamic bank. He escaped to the US.

Mohammad Abu Bakr Hashen Holdar, a Bangladeshi was using the name Abu Bakr Haji, accused of killing a Bangladeshi woman, after committing the crime he fled to his homeland Bangladesh. 





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