Gun Laws strategy in making Pakistan a smooth going country


The world is suffering  from the constant problem of guns taking lives, as it doesn’t matter who is being killed or who owns the gun with inflicting tyrannies upon the innocent

Gun-control laws can be highlighted in fewer countries as the crucial life taking incidents are emerging globally. Though several countries are busy in legislating gun control laws to overcome dreadful impacts, yet the false killing is taking place all over the world. 

As in America, the gun care sector has structured its laws too, implicated by U.S Supreme Court in 2008 for individual right to own a gun. Resultantly, four years later, the gun had taken the lives of 20 students at Sandy Hook elementary. Most of America’s people had taken this as nothing really happened, aborting the positive use of a gun. Moreover, Vice President Cheney has shot the man in the face, other presidents discouraged this action yet the same condition prevails in America: schools are being fired once in a week. this violent-gun conditions in America are the result of a massive amount of guns.

The slaughter of Muslims at the mosque in New Zealand occurred in march 2019  has recalled shooter who was firing nonstop along with taking a live video.

Nobody knows where he came from and to conceal the truth, they marked him as a psychopath. Is there any logic of criticizing when there is a Muslim behind causalities and associating mental issues with non-muslim especially the whites?. How this mental illness attacks the person considering only religion and sex.

New Zealand has the highest number of guns within a population of five million, 26 firearms in 100 people per-circulation.

Gun-control laws in every country determine the  right use of guns having the controlled availability  of specialized guns

Australia despite its rural places and hunting communities had been peacefully washed out of gun killing, since the last massacre of 35 people in 1996. 

Pakistan in 2016 was ranked as the ninth-largest importer in the world  due to its political  and military conditions 

The article 256 acclaims of having no right for the individual to own a gun, prohibiting the private armies as well. But no such application could be seen as neither armies were supporting nor the provinces. Even if someone helped, it all went in vain. PPP  with its aim of de-weaponization took control of ammunition by spending 300,000.

Shahid Khaqan PM of Pakistan had added a few drops of ignorance to this case by saying that no country permits its citizens to own guns with a license. “Stand outside parliament and a new militia will pass by every two minutes,” he said.  Furthermore, he requested a cabinet to banned the proof of license for using guns.  

Darra Adam Khel located in the west of Islamabad is famous for gun industries in Pakistan running under FATA. It manufactures a copy of M16 rifle and semi-automatic AK-74 Krinkov assault rifle.

Banat Khan an owner of the gun shop said “

“We’ve been doing this since the British were ruling here – my father, and his father before him,” 

Moreover, it had accommodated the soldier with highly advanced guns in the first Pak-Afghan war against soviet forces and later served towards Pakistan’s fight against the Taliban within its boundaries since 2007.

FATA comprising areas that are weakly linked to the government. Therefore, Pakistani criminal and constitutional laws are not enforced in Darra Adam Khel or other FATA regions.

Pakistani law affirms that every gun keeper should be having a license either from provincial or federal government especially with restricted weapons .but it did not apply to Darra Adam Khel only once in blue moon some people purchased with license or otherwise none at all.

Darra Adam Khel was under FATA unfollowing the Pakistan ordinance of outlawing the use of guns. since last year, in May 2018 it merged with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa gov, apparently recognizing the Frontier Crime Regulation.  A British law that offers political authorities to possess powers over 7 tribal areas. 

This law, however, has disturbed the business chain of most residents in Darra Adam Khel having a high number of gun selling occupation.

Ajmal Wazir KP Chief Minister has taken this problem into consideration as well This thing is in our sights, this issue of people’s livelihoods. If we can find a way out that is positive then we will definitely do so”.

Banning of Specialized guns doesn’t mean eradicating security in a country, rather to use it as a positive outcome, nor to detach the culture from gun and historical wars . “ a country doesn’t has the right to name  its as a country if it is not providing security”. 





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