Asia Bibi’s Case Blasphemy


Asia bibi’s case discloses a girl who is alleged to have done the blasphemy of Holy Prophet ( PBUH) in 2009 under the section 295c

Therefore, she received the death sentence from the court, on the basis of no reliable proofs favoring her. Since that day she had been in jail for ten years. Fortunately last year in 2018 she got the chance to come out of the bars as the supreme court judge finalized  Asia bibi’s case ( November 3)  to be marked as the misuse of the blasphemy law.

Asia Bibi, the mother of five who spent almost a decade on death row for a crime she did not commit
Asia Bibi, the mother of five who spent almost a decade on death row for a crime she did not commit

The accusation….

  1. Asma and Mafia bibi was that Asia bibi delivered insulted and taunted statements  on Holy Prophet (PBUH)  in the village while talking to a group of three women surrounded with the other four women who were busy in collecting fruits
  2. Qari Muhammad Salman was another witness who intertwined with these women reported this incident to police with the hatred in eyes.
  3. Moreover, the prosecution also stated that Asia bibi confessed to making these statements at the public gathering in 2009 and later on asked forgiveness. Resultantly the trial court gave death sentence which had to result in 2014
  4. The supreme court judge had given permission of her appeal in 2015, declaring its first appeal to be represented on 13thof October 2016

Asia Bibi in her  first appeal had given many defensive proofs :

She had a fight with Asma and mafia bibi on June 14th, 2009 following with some fired words against each other. She acclaimed having great respect and honor for Holy Prophet PBUH and the Holy Quran. 

In 2018 November 3  the supreme court judge through speculation and proofs regarded this as the false use of blasphemy law. They rejected  the death sentence given by the subordinate court, more than that, making  amendment in the law as follows: 

  •  The same punishment as given to a defamer will be imposed on a person if he accused someone of blasphemy who isn’t even involved in blasphemy. Major evidence was that two people acclaimed of her blasphemy though there  were 25 eyewitnesses, complainer was unsure of the date of case on which it had taken place and lying about the dispute created  over the water

In Zia-ul-Haq reign article 295 of blasphemy case was established,  provoking extremist Maulvi’s to use it whenever they want  for they   are always wishing  to be followed by everyone  

Though the changes made by the Supreme court, Asia bibi sought to take aid from west politics as she feared from the extremist mawlvis and was not permitted to leave this country. However, her four children were luckily sent to Canada

Mumtaz Qadri and his followers rushed to protest by disdaining the innocent girl publicly and even went against the judge and military in turning down their final decision.

This protest not only proofed to be troublesome for Asia bibi but also for society as schools, offices, and markets were closed for several days hindering the progress of every social, economic and education aspect. Moreover, Governor, Salman Taseer  was murdered by Mumtaz Qadri on suggesting a change in the law

Previously, Canada had offered its refuge to Bibi but as said before the high authorities had closed the doors to a foreign country. But finally, advocates, diplomat, foreigners and other Islamic possessors with their struggle had made it easy for the Asia Bibi to go abroad ( Canada) this year 2019 where her family resides.

This turbulent case depicts how much it can put on fire towards the minorities and even  Muslims, creating an undesirable image of Islam around the world. On the other hand, Islam encourages peace and humanity especially for minorities, providing awareness on the rights of minorities. Holy Prophet PBUH had cared a lot about minorities in his period and even do good to those making fun of him and objected to those who make accusations without strong speculations and logical proofs.

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