Honour killing in the Subcontinent


Honor killing as date back to the age of ignorance, before the  starting of the orthodox caliphate, was frequent,  occurring within every day or after  every few  hours


Killing of people just for the sake of honor, to uphold their ego or to take revenge from the one who has devalued their ego at that early age where even the birth of a daughter was regarded as a shameful thing.  Nowadays this crime is still being carried out and women can be often seen as the victims.

Killing a woman for sinking the reputation of her family is the excuse given by the killer who is either her husband or a family member (male), depending upon the thoughts and assumptions of the men about how he defines the honor and the action of woman that is she really dishonoring his reputation. however, in some cases, women can be seen as a killer or are responsible for the murder by discouraging and taunting the  daughter-in-law in front of his son 

Especially in Pakistan, when it came to exist, honor killing was at its verge and since then it is prevailing in the country. Moreover, Pakistan has been regarded as the country that has the highest rate of honor killing. In 2019, 1000 has been reported out of 5000 total including those which are not reported for they are kept hidden from the police and are occurred silently in small homes.   

Various lame reasons are behind this crime which is related to dowry, love marriage, reluctant to accept the marriage proposal, victim of rape, divorce and other. 

In 2007 the 13-year-old raped girl has led to the society’s discrimination against the girl, pressurizing her family to kill their raped daughter for safeguard their reputation. However, the father managed to report this crime to the police for arresting the rapist.

The most recent case is that of a 21-year old girl who wanted to be safe from her family as they were going to kill her for marrying the man of her choice which in their sense was like killing their honor. Therefore, she seeks refuge in her man’s company whom she trusted. Instead of the two-faced man, taking advantage of her insecurity, he sexually assaulted her and resulting in her horrifying death.

A girl named Farzana was beaten with heavy bricks by her father and family member in Lahore for marrying a  man of her choice.

Moreover, a story of an acid victim who was allegedly accused by the society of being involved in having an affair with someone which resulted in an acid attack for she was marrying someone else. Instead of criticizing the acid attacker, people used to disrespect her even polluting his family’s mind against her.

In Pakistan, mostly in rural areas, a woman’s identity is reflected by how much she is fulfilling the demands of her family and that is what the term “family’s respect” meant to most families.

The major cause of honor killing in Pakistan is that the government has not made any strong rule, punishment against women killing for honor, rather emphasizes the crucial punishment against women’s free will. Honor killing occurs in the dark privacy of the home. Many countries have banned honor killing and gender-based violence, yet it needs effective implications, strong and professional defense attorneys and the victims should not hesitate rather they must have trust in police and other agencies who are assisting them.

Education and awareness  on  eliminating gender myths and stigmas through different NGOs, lyceums and motivation speakers can be done  which can inculcate positive results in the near future, empowering the women sector

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