Wine which can turn into honey



The sale of Wine in Pakistan is a crime or not is really a debatable issue. According to the law of Shariah, no one can buy, sell or move from one place to another place, but the bitter reality is that there are many bars full of vines in the five-star hotels of Pakistan. There you can also see some people enjoying who are supposed to stop Muslims from Pakistan.

Pakistan is a second major state of Islam, therefore, the vine is prohibited by our Islamic jurists. However, minorities are having a license to drink wine. but they consider taking the vine and alcohol as a business. In near past someone raised a voice to make a law for a ban on non-Muslims permits for wine is banned in all religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism or any other religion, but unfortunately, that voice was nipped. In the present scenario, any individual could get a bottle of wine or alcohol from a chain departmental store. Unfortunately, Alcohol has a much firmer presence in the home especially for the affluent and at social occasions like weddings and picnics.

In present due to the non-implementation of Islamic Rules in Pakistan, anyone can enjoy a wine party at some farmhouse or hotel. According to the report,  English wine was seen as obscure at best, but Pakistan wines are also served in such parties. Police have been seen to use wine as false evidence very effectively to manipulate people. A bottle of wine can be easily planted at a crime scene. However, powerful people have immunity because of inequality and non-implementation of justice. If a bottle of wine found from any individual, it can be easily turned into a honey bottle or an olive oil bottle because of having the bad intention of the Police. however, It is very difficult for a common man to prove himself not guilty.

While some locals usually plan a light picnic of nibbles and canapés, perhaps for a summer evening concert, they need a versatile and refreshing sparkling wine. While for casual affairs, they choose a local wine. But in elite class British Classic Cuvee is appreciated.

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