Law Makers and their Makings


Parliamentarians’ ruckus disappointed CJP


Everyone knows that this is the legislation time not only in Pakistan but also in many countries of the world. Many parliamentarians and so-called parliamentarians of different countries are busy in making law to get different kinds of taxes. Pakistan is not the only country where the month of June becomes more hot and hard for common people due to some hard laws of revenue.

In Pakistan pro opposition and anti-opposition people are raising their voices against the under discussion laws in different assemblies because they know that if discussions came to an end a law will come into existence and they will have to pay more tax .No doubt there was a time when people welcomed the budget legislation. Unfortunately, this time has gone forever.

Today the parliamentarians are happy in Pakistan because they have got two production orders of two parliamentarians who were detained in jails due to some illegal charges. Such charged parliamentarians can come into POWER at any cost but they never do something for the people of Pakistan. Such parliamentarians only make laws for their own benefits. They have passed the laws for the increase of their own benefits Such as salaries and privileges and pension for elected parliamentarians.

While the increase in salary of a common man is just a drop in the ocean. The minimum salary of a non-skilled man in Pakistan is not more than rupees twenty-thousand. While these lawmakers can earn this pity amount just for their one day’s allowance for assembly session. No doubt it is very shameful thing for the people who feel it, but law makers can do anything at anywhere because they are “elected”. They say they are representatives of the people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan need it. Certainly not.

The people of Pakistan did not elect them to get benefits for themselves, but they elect them for their own benefits like they will manage to give them education, health and safety. But they never went forward on such issues.

Chief Justice of Supreme court Mr. Justice Asif Saeed Khosa expressed his disappointment over the continued ruckus in parliament by the treasury and opposition members on the budget speech.

The chief justice also claimed that judiciary was the only sector which was performing as per expectations of the people. He said “It’s the priority of judiciary to provide timely justice that’s why  the model courts have given decisions of 5,800 cases in 45 days And a state of the art research centre would be established at the Supreme Court, where five to six search engines would be installed to facilitate legal fraternity and researchers. ”

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