Laws of Life and Doors of Success


Just as the material world is controlled by laws, the human life is also bound by laws. Just as a knowledge of the laws of physics and chemistry help scientists to exploit the natural world, a knowledge of the laws of life can help a person to maximize his life-skills and life-attainment.

The only difference between these laws is that the laws that govern the human life cannot be taken to a physics or chemistry laboratory. Rather, they have to be recognized in the laboratory of one’s life and they need to be used effectively and in a timely manner to get maximum benefit.

The difference between achievers and non achievers is not the difference in education, wealth, family background, or things considered an asset. While such assets are helpful, they are not what really makes a person successful. The secret is in knowing the laws of life and in exploiting them at the right time. Here are the four laws

1. The Law of Opportunity: most people think that some people get more opportunities than the others. This is wrong. Actually every person gets plenty of opportunities, and there is no person who gets no opportunity at all. This is the law of opportunity — that every person gets more opportunities than they recognize or exploit.

Thus it is the lack of recognition and lack of exploitation of opportunities that keep people from progressing, and not the lack of opportunity itself. Once a person realizes this, and once he consciously starts looking for opportunities, he will be able to advance fast.

2. The Law of Time: time is definitely an important factor in success. Nobody can succeed in life without spending plenty of time on important goals. Yet, it seems to everyone that they have little time while others seem to have plenty of time. But this is a wrong impression.

According to the Law of Time, every person has an equal amount of time but some are able to get more of it because they are able to “manage” it better. They know what is important and give more time to it. Others do not realize these things and end up giving 80% of their good time for a mere 20% of tasks, and that also to the least productive tasks. You need to examine the way you use time.

  1. The law of Cumulation: a small thing is a small thing, but when it is added in bits and pieces over a long period of time, the sum becomes unbelievably large. This is the law of Cumulation. The cumulative deposits in banks, where a person keeps depositing money in small segments, but keeps doing it for a very  long time to get a very large sum is based upon this principle.

    Every attainment in life depends upon the law of Cumulation, but most people do not realize this. They want large results in a short period of time. Rarely only is this possible. It is more like small bits of addition for a long period of time, and then a very large outcome.

    4. The Law of Accountability: whatever the field, there comes a day of reckoning. The judge will be either one’s officer, the society, or even the money that one is finally able to carry to one’s bank. Some laugh, jump, and dance on the day. Most simply weep and become bitter. One always knew the day was coming and used the first three laws. The other one knew, but still postponed action for the next day.

    Laws of Life respect no one. They come to each person in equal measure. Those who exploit the laws get blessed by them. Those who ignore the laws get punished by them.

    Take your life into control today and build yourself!!


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