Procedure to Obtain licence for operation of broad cast media


Licence, Application, Issuance, Refusal

No person shall be entitled to the benefit of any monolply or exlusivity in the matter of broadcasting or the establishment and operation of broadcast media or broadcaster of air time, programmes or advertising material and all or containing an exculusivity clause are, to the extent of confering a monoply or containing an exclusivity clause are, to the extent of exclusivity, hereby declared to be inoperative and of no legal effect.

In granting a licence, the authority shall ensure that open concentration of media ownership is not created in any city, town or area and country as a whole:

If  a licencesee owns, controls or operates more than one media enterprise , he shall not indulge in any practice which may impede fare competition and provision of level playing field.

Any Person desirous of obtaining a licence for establishment and operation of broad cast media or a distribution service shall apply to the Authority in such manner and dorm as may be prescribed.

The Authority shall process each application in accordance with prescribed criteria and shall hold public hearings in the respective provincial capitals of each Province, or as the case may be, in Islamabad, before granting or refusing the licence.

Each application shall be accompanied by such fee as the Authority  may prescribe.

A licence shall be valid for a period of fice, ten or fifteen years subject to payment of the annual fee prescribed from time to time.

The authority may renew a licence on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed and in case of refusal to renew a licence reasons shall be recorded in writing.

Certain Persons not be granted licence:

1- A licence shall not be grante to a person who is not a citizen or resident of the living country.

2- A foreign company organized under the laws of any foreign government.

3- A company the majority of whose shares are owned or controlled by

4- Any person funded or sponsored by a foreign government or organization

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