Assault by a person of Unsound Minds


The defendant while suffering from mental disease attacked and injured the plaintiff. At the material time owing to disease of the mind, while he knew the nature and quality of his act, he did not know that what he was doing was wrong.

In an action for damages for assault and battery it was held that as the defendant knew the nature and quality of his torlous act, he was liable for damages for it even though he did not know that what he was doing was wrong.
A seizing and laying hold of a person so as to restrain him : spitting in the face, throwing over a chair or carriage in which another person is sitting throwing water over a person striking a horse so that it bolts and throws it rider taking a person by the collar, causing another to be medically ecamined against his or her will, firing a gun carelessly and hitting another, though the person firing never designed the shot to touch him are all held to amount to battery.

Forcible removal of spectator from threatre: Where the plaintiff who had purchased a ticket for a seat at a cinema show was forcibly turned out of his seat by the direction of the manager, who was acting under a mistaken belief that the plaintiff had not paid for his seat it was held that the plaintiff was entitled to recover substantial damages. The purchaser of a ticker for a seat at a theatre or other similar entertainment has a right to stay and witness the whole of the performance, provided he behaves properly and complies with the eules of the management.

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