Happy Frugal Year! US law student sells his clothes to fund studies – just one of other ways?


I’ve been looking in vain for a rather different story from America that caught my eye, and that my next blog was going to be on – if anyone can help me please let me know! An impoverished law student (nothing unusual there then) hit the headlines for his innovative ‘clothing stall’ he set up at his university to sell his clothes (not all of them presumably) and various possessions in a drive to raise funds to help pay for his law school fees.  
If that rings any bells, do tell!
The hot issue of rising undergraduate tuition fees and law school fees is predominant on both sides of the Atlantic – and whilst I don’t think organised student protests have yet hit the headlines State-side, law students here have not yet cottoned onto alternative ways to save a bit of cash either – although I can’t see universities allowing law students to set up market in the lecture hall to sell clothing…..
Second hand law books, for example, are always worth selling, or tracking down cheap, so long as they are not out-of-date. And look on-line for ideas of how to raise/save cash. When better to do this than after Christmas?
www.frugallawstudent.com is a US law student blog worth a visit, not least for its article ‘Is Law School Worth The Cost?’. Apply the logic to UK legal study and it might just prove useful. The blog bills itself as “for anyone trying to mitigate their crippling debt”. Whilst some of it is a bit quirky by UK standards and, dare I say, hardly relevant to legal studies (Health supplements for Law Students? Frugality for Newly Weds?) – but have a look around, you might find something noteworthy.
I haven’t come across a similar website in the UK so there’s an opening for someone!
Happy Frugal Year one and all.

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