We all need and want to increase our sales, but sometimes we struggle. Maybe we keep doing the same old thing and getting the same results. So what can we do to turn our business around and get the sales streaming in?

When you are in the professional market, you do not always want to be seen as actively selling, but want to do something much more subtle yet with the same results. If you are a born-salesperson, it may be relatively easy for you. Others absolutely hate to pick up the phone and work towards a sale. But there are ways to move forward.

Influence and inspire

By getting to know your prospective clients well and building up relationships, you can start to gently have an influence upon them. By doing this in the right way, they will not feel pressured or coerced and instead will start to take note of your suggestions and ideas. Whenever you are speaking to clients, whether face to face or on the phone, be positive, upbeat and motivated. Always have the patience to listen and the the confidence to share your ideas with them.

Enjoy the communication

When you are ‘selling’ to clients, don’t think of it as something distasteful, evil or unpleasant. We all need money to live and ideally want our business to be successful. The people you are talking to have to promote their products and services too, so everyone needs to participate. Think about it more like assisting them to get something that they need and which you can give to them at the best price and of superb quality. Enjoy it and see it as a win-win situation for both parties.

Have a plan

No matter how relaxed your selling technique is, you do need to have a plan in place. Every sale starts off with a lead, whether it is from an existing client or a completely new one. You need to track and trace this lead, keep it in focus and work to a timeline. Eventually you will get to a point where you need to close the sale, or ‘ask’ for it. The sales process should not be seen as something without an end date or a deadline. Whatever system you use, make sure that you have a target in mind with regards to sales volume and timings.

Spread the word

Don’t miss an opportunity to promote yourself and your business. As well as the traditional methods such as written marketing campaigns and networking events, make use of affiliate marketing and the many online ways that are available. You may have a website but make it work for you. And don’t forget social media. By making it personal, people will start to see the person behind the business name and this can encourage them to connect.

Finally, be charismatic. If you are a natural then great. If not, you can learn how to attract and empathise with people. Use body language, tone of voice and make them realise just how important they are.

Before you know it, the sales will be coming your way. By using these methods and growing your business organically, it will be a pleasant experience and a fruitful one..

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