Law Firm Marketing – Creating a Powerful Web Presence


Throughout time, attorneys have marketed in several ways, sometimes dependent on ethical rules, and sometimes dependent on technology. The yellow pages, radio advertising, television advertising, direct marketing, referrals, and appointments have been around for years. But in the last 5 to 10 years another medium of advertising has arisen, and if you aren’t using it, you are missing out on substantial sums of money. What I’m talking about of course is the internet. And the great thing about it is, with only a little up front money, you can be well on your way to fielding numerous calls from potential clients who’ve found out about you from the internet.

Before you can begin to build your internet presence, you must understand what the ultimate goal is of building an internet presence: getting clients. This means you don’t need to necessarily have what you want on the site. You need to have what clients want on the site, and even more important than that, you need to have what clients will be searching the internet for on your site. What I mean is, it is a rare occurrence that a client will get on the internet and search for you, Joe Lawyer. What they will search for is Seattle DUI Lawyer, or Washington Eminent Domain Lawyer, or Kirkland Criminal Defense Lawyer, or Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer. Because of that, your number one goal should be to rank as high as possible for your targeted keywords (generally your practice areas and any other things you know your potential clients will be searching for).

To begin to get this Google love you need to rank high on the search engines, you need to start with two basic internet modes of communication – a website and a blog. Now, all of you should know what a website is. They are all over the internet and integral to law firm marketing. They provide a home base for your law firm on the internet, a place for people to go to to find out what you are about. A blog, on the other hand, is a fairly recent phenomenon that is very different from your website. Blogs are designed to be easy for non-technical people to use, and are designed so they can be updated frequently. In reality, you should have a blog for each one of your practice areas. That focus will serve you well as you begin to optimize your website and blogs for Google search..

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